Friday, December 7, 2007

Steve Silva of Market Point Realty Services #45

Bruce Norris is joined by REO agent and owner of Market Point Realty, Steve Silva. Steve and Bruce talk about how busy Steve has quickly become, how fast the market has changed compared to the 90s, the willingness of lenders to work out deals with borrowers, why the borrower and lender can't seem to make it work, how the chain of command has made things worse, inventory this cycle compared to the last downturn, the new phenomenon of builders packing up and waiting for the market to return, the requirements of being an REO agent, what an REO agent is very busy doing these days, the REO process, why comparable sales aren't always a good benchmark to use when deciphering real value, vacancy rates, and the recent purchase of an auction property that was Steve's listing that he's managed for almost one year and the journey he took with the bank.

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