Friday, December 21, 2007

Foreclosure Expert Ward Hanigan #47

Bruce Norris is joined once again by California foreclosure expert Ward Hanigan. Bruce and Ward in this session discuss new litigation which could mean big trouble for lenders, the bill being introduced that would allow “cram downs,” the lost art of assumptions, selling real estate today in San Diego, what Ward’s students are doing now, why the real estate industry at large was so unprepared for the downturn, percentage hit in price in San Diego so far, the rental market, predicted bottom of the market, Ward’s favorite title holding entity, the Land Trust, three different entities to hold properties, and subject to.

Ward Hanigan is a full-time foreclosure specialist and trainer in San Diego County. He brings you over 37 years of real estate experience, with a degree in Economics and a Doctorate in Law. He has worked in California's foreclosure market exclusively since 1982, and as a consequence he has extensive experience finding cash, researching title, handling evictions, rehabbing, reselling, consulting, and is a "one-on-one" trainer and mentor to some of the most successful foreclosure practitioners in the Western United States.

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