Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Norris Group Team #48

To wrap up 2007, Bruce Norris takes some time to interview TNG team members Craig Hill (hard money loan officer at The Norris Group), Andrea Jennings (Realtor), and Greg Norris (Property Buyer). Together the four talks about what they've seen in 2007 and how quickly the market has shifted. Craig talks about how long he’s been in the business and how he came to work at TNG, what he’s hearing every day from investors calling in, why access to cash is important in this California real estate market, misconceptions in the marketplace, investors sitting on the sidelines in 2007 and 2008, the transition of deals, and recent auctions. Greg and Bruce discuss his background and what he brings to the table at TNG, recent real estate auctions, important skills to have, trustee sales, how he preps for a trustee sale, how title companies have made mistakes, target inventory, and how many home owners have equity. Andrea talks with Bruce about prices dropping, buyer babysitting, banks and appraisals, BPOs, repairs, REOS then and now, inventory numbers, change in agents’ attitudes, and misconceptions between investors and agents. They also warn of investors trying to play catch up 2008 and tie breakers.

The Norris Group officially started in 1997 when Craig Hill joined The Norris Group to open up the hard money loan division. Since inception, The Norris Group has added several team members including full-time Realtor Andrea Jennings and full-time property buyer Greg Norris. Together The Norris Group team has almost a century of combined experience.

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