Saturday, December 15, 2007

Foreclosure Expert Ward Hanigan #46

Bruce Norris is joined by Southern California foreclosure expert and president of, Ward Hanigan. Bruce and Ward discuss how Ward got started in the forclosure business, investing in the 1980s, why Ward went for a law degree, Ward’s early mentors, California trustee sale market in the 1980s, what the trustee sale market is doing now, Ward’s Dingbat Retirement Program, how he has set up a reoccurring income stream, what properties he finds attractive, why tenants can make or break an investment, finding your customer and finding out what they want, Section 8, how San Diego has changed since late 2005, current conversion rates of trustee sales, deal breakers when looking at trustee sale properties, Ward’s take on the new subprime solutions, what lenders will be dealing with in 2008.

Ward Hanigan is a full-time foreclosure specialist and trainer in San Diego County. He brings you over 37 years of real estate experience, with a degree in Economics and a Doctorate in Law. He has worked in California's foreclosure market exclusively since 1982, and as a consequence he has extensive experience finding cash, researching title, handling evictions, rehabbing, reselling, consulting, and is a "one-on-one" trainer and mentor to some of the most successful foreclosure practitioners in the Western United States.

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