Friday, November 30, 2007

Christopher Thornberg of Beacon Economics #44

In this second interview, Christopher Thornberg and Bruce Norris discuss how builders are adjusting to the new California real estate reality, how builders are notoriously optimistic, why builders continue to build, inflation pressure and why it's hard to predict, consumer spending, when the subprime peak will occur, possible policy changes and the presidential elections, how property taxes will cause problems for cities around the nation, employment, out migration, and the commercial market.

Christopher Thornberg is a founding partner of Beacon Economics. Dr. Thornberg is an expert in the study of regional economies, real estate dynamics, labor markets and business forecasting. He has been involved in a number of special studies measuring the impact of important events on the economy, including the NAFTA treaty, the California power crisis, port security, California water transfer programs and the September 11th terrorist attacks. Prior to launching Beacon he worked with the UCLA Anderson Forecast where he regularly authored the outlooks for California, Los Angeles and the East Bay as well as performing a number of specialized forecasts for regions and industries. Dr. Thornberg lectures on a regular basis at a variety of public and private events, has appeared on CNN, Fox News and CNBC and is widely quoted in the press. He received his Ph.D in Business Economics from The Anderson School and his B.S. in Business Administration from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He specializes in International and Labor Economics. Dr. Thornberg continues to teach in the MBA program at UCLA and previously held a faculty position in the economics department at Clemson University.

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