Saturday, August 25, 2007

Steve Krystofiak 6-23-07 #21

Bruce is joined by Steve Krystofiak, President of Mortgage Brokers Association for Responsible Lending as they talk about the market from the lender's perspective.

Steven Krystofiak started in the Mortgage Lending business in 2002, and has moved through the ranks into becoming a mortgage Broker. Mr. Krystofiak founded the Mortgage Brokers Association for Responsible Lending in the spring of 2006 after seeing a lack from the industry in educating consumers, regulators, and lawmakers on how some loan programs invite fraud, which has been a leading contributing factor in making home prices skyrocket which in turn makes homes unaffordable.
Mr. Krystofiak has spoken on behalf of the Mortgage Broker’s Association for Responsible Lending at California Senate hearings, Federal Reserve board hearings, along with sponsoring and defending 3 bill proposals (AB 512, AB 628, AB 941) at Sacramento in the State Assembly and during their committee process.
Steven Krystofiak holds a B.S. in Real Estate from the finance department from San Diego State University. He also has been asked to be an expert witness in court trials involving the mortgage industry and real estate finance, and has been featured in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Sun, Oakland Tribune, and contributed to articles in the news media including Money Magazine, Bloomberg news, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury news, the San Diego Union Tribune and many others.
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