Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sara W. Stephens, President of the Appraisal Institute, Joins Bruce Norris on the Real Estate Radio Show #293

Bruce Norris is joined this week by Sara Stephens. Sara is the president of the Appraisal Institute. The Appraisal Institute is a global membership association of professional real estate appraisers with nearly 23,000 members in nearly 60 countries throughout the world. Sara has been active in the Appraisal Institute’s chapter, regional, and national levels for over 20 years. She owns an appraisal business along with her husband Richard in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bruce and Sara discuss the breadth of the Appraisal institute spanning 60 countries and how this affects the definition of market value, the importance of advocacy, the importance of having a professional appraiser who understands the market, how much the appraisal process has changed since 2006, appraisal management companies, the problem of expertise and professionalism being replaced with quick and cheap, the selection process and methodology, and much more on this week's real estate radio show and podcast.

 In other news, the fifth annual I Survived Real Estate will be meeting on October 19 this year. The Norris Group would like to thank their gold and platinum sponsors for helping to make this event possible. Sara Stephens will be joining the panel at I Survived Real Estate 2012.

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