Friday, June 16, 2017

Aaron and Bruce Norris Join Realtors Chris and Molly Silva on the Norris Group Real Estate Radio Show #543

Aaron Norris is joined this week by Bruce Norris and Molly and Chris Silva. They are realtors and investors based in Riverside, and they followed in the footsteps of their father Steve Silva. Bruce Norris worked extensively with him over the course of his career. The family has been involved in everything from REOs to real estate investing.

Aaron and Bruce discuss with Chris and Molly discuss when they first got involved in the realtor business, when Bruce first started working with their dad Steve, the event that occurred in Quadrant 1 that no one expected, the essential strategy in Quadrant 1, what years Quadrant 2 covers in the market, listings they did at the peak of the market, and much more on this week's Norris Group real estate radio show and podcast.

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