Friday, April 14, 2017

Grant Gould of Automabots Joins Bruce Norris on the Aaron Group Real Estate Radio Show #534

Aaron Norris is hosting the radio this week, covering another technology topic. He is joined by Grant Gould, entrepreneur and real estate technologist. He is founder and CEO of Automabots, and he develops AI chatbots for the real estate industry. He is also co-founder of Home Junction, a top-tier real estate data company based in San Diego. In 1998, Grant founded Real Estate Village, which was the number one website company for realtors and the first to syndicate listings to Yahoo Real Estate. Grant is passionate about helping real estate professionals succeed. On his LinkedIn profile, it says he is passionate about new technology and is one of the biggest nerds on the planet.

Aaron and Grant discuss the latest in real estate technology, chat bots, artificial intelligence and how this will change the real estate industry, whether realtors should be concerned, how he got involved in real estate technology, where he sees himself going with it in the next year, and much more on this week's Norris Group real estate radio show and podcast.

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