Friday, July 29, 2016

Susie Leivas of Leivas Tax Wealth Management Joins Bruce Norris on the Real Estate Radio Show #497

Bruce Norris is joined this week by Susie Leivas. Susie is the CEO of Leivas Tax Wealth Management. She began at age 13 and has nearly four decades of experience. Susie started in the tax business assisting her father Richard Leivas. After completing her education, she and her father became business partners, eventually forming Leivas Tax Wealth Management. Today, she serves as the leader of the team as an enrolled agent, a tax preparer, and a financial advisor with HD Vest Investment Services. She can assist clients with a wide array of services, and she has had Bruce as a client for many years.

Bruce and Susie discuss capital gains, the current percentage of the state tax at $55,000, tax rates for payments that are part interest and part principal, rules for exchanging properties in another state, and much more on this week's Norris Group real estate radio show and podcast.

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