Friday, February 26, 2016

Mike Quarles of Joins Aaron Norris on the Real Estate Radio Show #475

Aaron Norris is filling in for Bruce Norris this week and next. He is joined by Michael Quarles, a real estate investor who started his investing career as a teenager constructing a duplex. Since then he has been involved in over 1,000 real estate deals. Mike was a general building contractor as well as a broker. He has built over 70 units from the ground up. He launched back in 2005, which is now the nation’s leader in direct marketing service for real estate investors. He also runs the Buy/Sell/Fix/Flip Academy.

Aaron and Michael discuss the number of mail pieces he will send before stopping if the client is uninterested, a good return rate for your mailer, top tips for mailer design to get a seller to call, a good follow-up system for your mailer, systems to manage incoming calls you get off mailers, marketing crossover, and much, much more on this week's Norris Group real estate radio show and podcast.

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