Monday, August 5, 2013

Harry Dent Joins Bruce Norris on the Real Estate Radio Show #341

Bruce Norris is joined this week by Harry Dent. Harry is a New York Times best-selling author known for his ability to look at past cycles and demographics, to reject what is next for the economy, and where to most wisely invest. One of his most famous calls was writing a book back in 1992 entitled The Great Boom Ahead. When most of the authors were writing about a repeat of a Great Depression, in 2008 Harry also wrote a book projecting a Great Depression. Bruce and Harry discuss how he is one of the few economists not afraid to share his opinions or be wrong, economic cycles, demographics, the down jones average, the second great depression and bubbles that were predicted, Japan's struggling market, Harry's criticism of what the government is currently doing, and much more on this weeks real estate radio show and podcast.

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