Friday, May 10, 2013

Rick Sharga, Vice President of Carrington Holding Company, LLC, Joins Bruce Norris on the Real Estate Radio Show #329

Bruce Norris is joined again this week by Rick Sharga. Rick is the vice-president of Carrington Mortgage Holdings and one of the country’s most frequently quoted sources on foreclosure, mortgage, and real estate trends. Rick has appeared on every major network and news show in the country, and he has even briefed government organizations such as the Federal Reserve and Senate Banking committee on foreclosure trends. Prior to being with Carrington, Rick was senior vice president of RealtyTrac, which is responsible for marketing and business development. Bruce and Rick discuss interest rates and affordability, price increases and their effect on delinquencies, shadow inventory, REOs, ways to get inventory into the market, college debt, price movement, and much more on this week's real estate radio show and podcast.

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