Friday, March 26, 2010

Scott Barber and Deanna Lorson - City of Riverside #167

Bruce Norris is joined this week again by the Development Director for the City of Riverside, Deanna Lorsen, and the Code Enforcement Director for the City of Riverside, Scott Barber. Bruce, Deanna, and Scott discuss the state of Riverside's budget, if taxes have decreased with real estate prices, how the state is trying to tap into the budgets of local cities, more on code enforcement, the process of fines with the city, investors and the city in partnership, lenders challenging cities and fines they've levied on foreclosures, the Riverside Renaissance and redevelopment funds at work, the Fox performing arts center, bond issuance, down payment assistant programs, rental assistance, the Home Investment Partnership, condominiums being told down because of builder foreclosure, and much more.

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