Friday, July 18, 2008

Scott Whaley #77

Bruce Norris is joined by Real Wealth Expo president and REI Club supporter, Scott Whaley. Bruce and Scott discuss when Scott started in the business, the attitude of the investor when the Expo started, the change in attitude at events, the crowd and sophistication level change, what is working for investors in this market, short sales in the current market, being a professional in the investor world, psychology in the market, Scott’s involvement with the RTC in the last cycle, contrarian decision makers, current examples of capitulation, the value of not making a mistake, the length of the downturn, the lenders that waited and the ramifications they are now facing, why chasing the market is not a good idea, The Real Wealth Revolution project, the mental part of the investing business, why this business is not the same for everyone, hanging around people who are making this business work and who have a positive attitude, the investor being the speculator, people looking to blame, how this cycle mimics the last downturn, doing the right thing at the wrong time in the lender world, reigning in financing for people that could actually help the market, legislation that could change how investors work, politics in this market,, Scott will be writing in our next newsletter about upcoming legislation that could affect our industry.

Scott Whaley is President of the Real Wealth Family of Cos., acting Vice President of the National Real Estate Investors Association (National REIA), and the producer of the Real Wealth Mind Revolution program for superior personal performance and achievement.

For over 25 years, Scott Whaley has studied, implemented and coached others on the use of enhanced performance psychology tools. These tools include certifications as a trainer of NLP, Master Hypnotherapist and numerous other change focused systems. He was the first coach hired and helped design and implement the coaching program for the highest paid coach in the world, Anthony Robbins. He was promoted to the position of Master Coach for that organization within one year and is an authority on the Science of Achievement and Peak Performance. Scott has an extensive 14 year background in real estate from land development, owning his own investment and brokerage firm and mortgage loan officer as well as working as an asset manager for the RTC (Resolution Trust Corporation-the cleanup for the failed S&L Bubble).

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