Friday, May 16, 2008

Bill Gatten of North America Realty Services #68

Bruce Norris is once again joined by investor, creative real practitioner and educator, and author, Bill Gatten. Bruce and Bill discuss investors who are new to a downturn and how they are currently reacting, what Bruce thinks the market might look like in 2010-2011, non-inclusive options, difference between an Illinois land trust and the Pac Land Trust, options of selling in non-traditional fashions, creative financing and different issues, due on sale clause, how the Pac Trust avoids the due on sale clause, Garn- St Germain act and the rules, percentage the beneficiary needs to retain for tax and insurance reasons, insurance in the land trust transaction, what is negotiated in the land trust transaction, what sellers typically want when they call off an ad, taxes with a land trust, running “I buy houses” ad in the current market, who are the people who make up those phone calls, profit centers when using the land trust, Bill Gatten working with builders in the current market, helping builders that have no other options, lenders that don’t understand the Pac Trust, how Bill deals with lenders that tries to implement the due on sale clause, and finally, .

Bill Gatten is a one of the few true "in-the-trenches" creative financing teachers who actually practice what they preach. A highly successful real estate investor and much sought-after national speaker, Bill's most recent book (of many on the subject) is the very comprehensive, humorous and irreverent: "Making it BIG in Creative Real Estate and Keeping it...This Time," a 500 page compendium of all aspects of seller-carry, no-down, no-credit-needed, no-payment creative real estate financing, featuring the dynamic "Equity Holding Land Trust(tm) System" -- the PACTrust (tm) and NEHTrust(tm).

Educated at the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Bill's 45 years of work experience are in sales training, real estate investing and institutional banking (former co-owner and founder, Westlake Bancorp; and the former president and CEO of Gatten Financial Services, Inc. and Markay Equipment Leasing, Inc., Thousand Oaks, Ca.).

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