Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nicholas Manfredi of the Short Sale Processor #59

Bruce Norris is joined once again by president of the Short Sales Processor, Nicholas Manfredi. Bruce and Nick talk about what attracted Nick to the world of California real estate investing, his background in data, if sales was important to being an investor, how the Inland Empire Investor’s Forum began, how his Southern California investor club has helped his business and skill set, what choices people have when facing foreclosure, what mistakes California investors are making when approaching people in foreclosure, how different short sale businesses are structuring their business, the ideal time frame to complete the short sale process and have the lender participate, where lenders are currently participating in the foreclosure process, the credit difference between foreclosure and a short sale, what someone facing foreclosure wants to hear when doing a short sale, lenders and their focus on BPOs, building relationships with loss mitigation departments, turnover in the loss mitigation industry, the BPO process, the amount of time per California short sale file, synergy with short sales and REO brokers, Nick’s upcoming short sale seminar, the structure of a successful California short sale business, doing what you’re good at, learning to set up a machine to do the most profitable things, percentage of response for short sale marketing, why education is always less expensive then learning the hard way, how long the short sale business in California will likely last, price adjustments in California, and his website

Nick Manfredi is a real estate investor, speaker and corporate business owner. He has been featured in Fortune Magazine and The LA Times, and contributed to articles in the news media including CNN Money Magazine, The Press Enterprise, and RISmedia.

In 2002 Nick established one of Southern California’s most respected real estate investment club’s The Inland Empire Investors Forum. Focused on volume, he continues to wholesale 80% of his acquisitions.

Eager to capitalize on California’s changing market Nick co-founded The Short Sale Processor LLC. As CEO of Forum Real Estate Investments Inc

Nick continues buy residential & commercial property in California and Texas. Nick resides in Southern California with his wife Susan and 3 boys Gabriel, Nathan and Jacob.

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