Friday, October 12, 2007

Aaron Krowne #37

Bruce Norris is joined once again by Aaron Krowne who is the webmaster behind The Mortgage Lender Implode-o-Meter. Bruce and Aaron discuss the overall economic health of the United States, what real estate could do to unemployment, recession, who has the power to fix the problems, and if stagflation is possible.

Aaron Krowne is a computer scientist and economics enthusiast who has been blogging and writing freelance on economics and finance topics for the past few years. He founded The Mortgage Lender Implode-o-Meter at the beginning of 2007 to draw attention to the problems in the housing finance sector and economy at large.

Krowne also founded back in 2001, which continues as a wiki-like mathematics-centric online community. Krowne has recently left his job in research at Emory University's Woodruff Library to work on web information projects full time.

Krowne lives in Atlanta, GA, and thus is no stranger to the effects of the bursting housing bubble. He blogs and posts articles at,,, and maintains a link archive (under the handle "akrowne").

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