Friday, August 16, 2019

Florida Real Estate and Opportunity Zones With Bruce and Aaron Norris #656

This week's radio guests are The Norris Group's very own Bruce and Aaron Norris coming to us from Florida. As part of their Florida seminar, they decided to add some new chapters, and they had no idea how far down the rabbit trail they would go on one of them.

In this segment, Bruce and Aaron will discuss the Florida real estate market, opportunity zones, what people are choosing to do with the properties they purchased ten years ago, how hard it is for California investors to adjust to the Florida market, the four Quadrants and which one we are currently in, how much has changed or come true from Bruce's latest report, the speakers on the I Survived Real estate panel, their other upcoming events, and much more all on the real estate radio show.

The Norris Group originates and services loans in California and Florida under California DRE License 01219911, Florida Mortgage Lender License 1577, and NMLS License 1623669.  For more information on hard money lending, go and click the Hard Money tab.

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