Friday, February 8, 2019

Vacation Rentals with Iris Veneracion #629

Aaron Norris is joined this week by Iris Veneracion. Iris began her full-time real estate investing career back in 2003 when she quit her six-figure corporate job in mortgage finance. She has now purchased, wholesaled, and rehabbed, or sold over 200 properties in Southern California. She is the director of InvestClub, formerly known as InvestClub for Women. Last fall, she helped the Norris Group create a very beefy chapter on short-term rentals, which Aaron had been wanting to cover for a long time. She is now also a proud mom of two twin boys.

Aaron and Iris discuss vacation rentals and where she sees them going in the future, her philosophy regarding these rentals, the biggest mistakes and misconceptions investors who work in this space have, her rules when deciding what tenants to let stay, trends she sees coming in the future, and the main things a place needs to have to be a good place to stay for tenants.

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