Friday, December 28, 2018

California Real Estate On Borrowed Time Part 2 With Bruce Norris #623

Aaron Norris is joined again this week by his dad and president of The Norris Group, Bruce Norris. These next two weeks will be a little different in that they are covering the webinar from December 18 that discusses their latest TNG Economic Update Newsletter and upcoming event California Real Estate: On Borrowed Time.  It is typically only a part of their VIP subscription.  But, to celebrate this upcoming market timing report, they decided to open it up to their entire network.  You can watch and listen to the entire thing uncut at  Here, you will also find information about the event coming up on January 26.

Aaron and Bruce discuss his upcoming market timing report California Real Estate: On Borrowed Time, the many different topics he will cover, changes occurring in the lending world, commercial real estate and how it was funded differently this time, the leader in exiting domestic migration, the market in 2018 compared to past markets, and much more on the real estate radio show and podcast.

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