Friday, August 17, 2018

Predictive Analysis in Real Estate With Rich Swier #604

On Friday, September 28, the Norris Group proudly presents its 11th annual award-winning black tie event, I Survived Real Estate.  An incredible lineup of industry experts will join Bruce Norris to discuss perplexing industry trends, head-scratching legislation, tech disruption, and opportunities emerging for real estate professionals.  All proceeds from the event benefit Make A Wish and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  This event is not possible without the generous help of the following platinum partners: the San Diego Creative Real Estate Investors Association, InvestClub, Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club, ThinkRealty, Wilson Investment Properties, Coach Fullerton, First Lending Solutions, PropertyRadar, the Apartment Owners Association, MVT Productions, and Realty411.  Visit for event information, and see Amazon Prime or YouTube for past events.

Aaron Norris is joined this week by Rich Swier. He is the co-founder of and a serial entrepreneur based in Sarasota, Florida. He is the founder of the HUB, co-founder of His previous ventures include Sarasota Online, acquired by Comcast at the ripe age of 24 and Backsoft, acquired by SAP. In addition to his primary business pursuits, he is an author and speaker on topics including broadband development, predictive analytics, and building startup ecosystems. He has been awarded a number of industry awards and accolades for his work with startups, and he continues to promote entrepreneurship in schools and communities.

Aaron and Rich discuss predictive analysis, mathematics, and applying this to real estate, the consumers' response to his work, how he ended up using his mathematics background in real estate, whether other service providers utilize his methods outside of real estate, where he sees Offrs going in the next several years, how he and his partner use their knowledge of real estate and math together in the company, and much more on the real estate radio show and podcast.

The Norris Group would like to thank its Gold Sponsors for supporting I Survived Real Estate: Guaranteed Rate and Nathan Chabolla, In A Day Development, Inland Valley Association of Realtors, Jason Thorman with Coldwell Banker, Jennifer Buys Houses, Keystone CPA, LA South REIA, Las Brisas Escrow, Lawyers Title, Michael Ryan & Associates, New Western, NorcalREIA, NSDREI, Orange County Real Estate Investors, the Outspoken Investor, Pacific Premier Bank, Pasadena FIBI, Pilot Limousine, SJREI, Spinnaker Loans, South OC REIA, Tri-Counties Association of Realtors, uDirect IRA Services, White House Catering.  See for event information.

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